Before installing the Linux version control panel, make sure to install a clean system. (support CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, deepin), Web management, FTP, Database, SSL; PHP multi-version switch; Tomcat, Java, Node.JS; LNMP and LAMP.


Please install wget first. CentOS< yum install -y wget > Ubuntu< sudo apt-get install wget > . Other systems ask yourself to find installation wget command.

CentOS Run install command:

					curl -sSO && bash

Ubuntu Run install command:

					curl -sSO && bash

Debian Run install command:

					curl -sSO && bash

Fedora Run install command:

					curl -sSO && bash

Update Panel:


View the current panel port:

					cat /www/server/panel/data/

Installation requirements:
Internal: more than 128M, 512M above recommended (10M network)
Hard disk: 100M or more available hard disk space (network disk 20M disk space)
Support: CentOS 6.x / 7.x provides support (ubuntu, Debian)
Please make sure the operating system is clean and not installed with Apache / Nginx / PHP / MySQL with other environments.